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Our main mission it to make IT more manageable to all sizes of businesses. New business? We will help you get on your feet with IT and Cloud Services. Check us out below. 

About Us

We keep IT simple

CJLS is a fairly young company formed by a merger of Cre8ive Group Limited and you could say that we are a new kid on the block when you consider our counterparts on the market, but what makes us different is that we can offer you all the IT assets, products, services and support you need to run a business without having to go to multiple vendors managing different support channels and accounting with many different companies. We hear about this problem and experienced it with Cre8ive, dealing with various companies as we were forming.

This is one of our aims; to be that a one-stop-shop for most businesses with IT needs or the need to master the beast what most call ‘Cloud Compute’

Over the last 10 years, Cre8ive developed from a little idea of designing a website for a friend under the guise of Cre8ive Storm to being asked to host the same website. Slowly over the early years, they developed into a graphic design and hosting company with a solid customer base. It wasn’t until 2016 before they started to grow, learning new skills and developing a role of a business provider. They became a ‘reseller’ of Microsoft Products with the help of a company in the UK, which aided to our growth in this increasing market, and soon became a Microsoft Partner. The merger into CJLS brings the knowledge and master of the cloud with the physical skills of CJLS to create a technological enterprise ready to assist any businesses regardless of size.

CJLS was born to ‘Keep IT simple’, it is lead by people who have worked and supported IT in their day-to-day lives and have seen, understood, and realise first-hand the problems companies can encounter with IT. We are Engineers and Technicians born in IT and together work at making your complex task a simple one!

Today we see all our brands re-developing to meet the post COVID world. We market ourselves as the Cloud Experts and we are truly ready to assist your company to evolve in the cloud and make remote working work for you whilst increasing productivity and saving cash on unnecessary real estate, or with the return to the office, now may be the time to look at renewing your hardware after being neglected over the last 18 months.

Custom PCs and Repair

Virus Protection and EDR

Data Recovery and Backup Plan

Network Design

Cloud Services

Cyber Security

Managed in our network… Up to July 2021 (26th)

Managed Mailboxes

Mailbox Items

Mailbox Usage (GB)

Teams Calls

Private Messages

Sharepoint Files


Why choose us

The world of Technology and Clouds is at times an hourly changing landscape, and to some, this is an unmanagable, daunting or unknown area of your busniess. CJLS Tech is here to take this pain away from you and keep IT simple.

We Provide

From the basics of hosting all the way to the Modern Workspace and the Cloud, we can provide you with the services to assist in running your business.

We Enhance

We are able to assist businesses struggling with the grasp of the ‘Cloud’ and enhance their processes to ensure the best tools are in place to increase productivity.

We Support

The cloud is a large space and requires multiple skillsets to manage it, that’s why we are able to help you manage the cloud and get the best out of it!

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from custom hardware delivered to your door, to cloud software including Microsoft 365. Need help with your website or marketing, or just need IT support... reach out to us, and let's see what we can do to help you.

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