As from the 1st August 2021, Cre8ive Group Limited will merge with CJLS Tech Limited.

As previously communicated to all clients of Cre8ive Group Limited, we are merging into CJLS Tech on a rolling period ending at the end of Cre8ive Group Limiteds financial year, which is the end of July. This move will work both ways, it will strengthen Cre8ive’s position (to be re-branded CJLS Cloud) in the cloud market and offer a more structured support network for its clients and continue to develop the vendor portfolio we offer. It will also complete the business model of CJLS Tech Limited in being able to offer a full bespoke PC solution with the power of offering Microsoft products as well (and more).

This move means recreating several accounts again, we kindly ask our clients to re-create the Direct Debits and AutoPay features when asked by our system in the coming weeks.


1st July 2021
Alpha Hosting will move over to the CJLS Branding and will be renamed ‘Alpha Hosting, a CJLS Company’. All invoices sent out from the 1st July 2021 will be under the CJLS Brand. If you pay for your hosting via Direct Debit, you will be sent out a new mandate shortly as we prepare for this move.

1st August 2021
Cre8ive Group (Microsoft Licenses and Cloud Licenses) will move to the CJLS Branding and will be renamed internally as ‘CJLS Cloud’ under CJLS Tech Limited. On the 1st of August, all cloud vendor invoicing will be sent out via CJLS Tech billing system and we ask again that all Direct Debits, Auto Pays and Manual Bank Transfers are made to CJLS Tech Limited.

Cre8ive Group Limited will cease trading in favour of CJLS Tech Limited.

This isn’t an end of an era, but a new chapter of that same era. With the expertise of Cre8ive Group and the new initiatives of CJLS Tech, we are strengthening our position to offer you a complete solution for your business. Making that true vision of a One-Stop-Shop for you.

In Summary, this is what CJLS Tech, together with the merger of Cre8ive Group can offer you;

  • NEW – Custom Business PCs – preloaded with your business software, all you have to do is ‘turn them on’
  • From Cre8ive – Your new Microsoft Partner
  • From Cre8ive – Your new Cloud Solution Partner (including Sophos, Barracuda, Zoom, RingCentral etc)
  • From Cre8ive – Alpha Hosting will continue to run under the CJLS Brand
  • Restarting – Cre8ive Storm, the original Graphics and Marketing division will be re-starting soon
  • NEW – IT Support and MSP Services (coming soon)
  • NEW – IT Consultancy Services

Other services which CJLS are offering which are not directly linked to IT or Technology

  • Wood Working / Carpentary and Joinary Retailer
  • Organist and Music Services
  • CosPlay and Props Retailer

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