Sole Trader IT Support

Question: What makes CJLS Tech stand out from our competitors?

Answer: We will work with the one-man bands, the micro business all the way up to the larger businesses. We believe that ALL businesses should have access to the best IT Support available. That's why we have created our Total Support Package, specifically designed for Sole Traders!

For a small monthly fee, you get:

💻 Totally Unlimited IT Support

💻 Our Best in Class Remote Monitoring and Management Agent (RMM)

💻 Unlimited and Infinite backup of either your Microsoft 365 Account or Google Workspace account.

💻 World-leading anti-virus and ransomware protection as well as device encryption.

💻 3rd Party Advanced Threat Protection which will stop those nasty emails containing tools to trick you!

These are what large enterprises expect on their IT as standard and this is what we give to our Sole Traders and Micro Businesses. All you need to do is add the productivity suite (which we can offer as well!)

So what are you waiting for?! Let CJLS Tech help you 'Keep IT Simple' and let us manage your digital work so that you can run your business! Got any questions? Contact us on 0800 368 3968 or email us at!

Oh silly me! I forgot to mention the small monthly fee! Like, Comment and Share and I will let you know or get in touch and the first 10 people to sign up following this post will get a £10 discount for the first 12 months!

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