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Managed IT Services

Do you already outsource your IT support or do you have an internal IT management structure? Or are you totally new to a Managed Service Provider (MSP)? Either way, our services can fit into your business and help you develop your perfect IT roadmap!

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Managed IT Support

Our proactive managed services approach to IT support can provide a comprehensive, cost-effective solution to the efficient and professional management of your IT systems without the significant costs of in-house IT departments.

You won’t find any “Gold / Silver / Bronze” in our SLAs (Service Level Agreements) – we only offer one level of service and that’s an exceptional one! No matter if you’re aligned to our Nano Support Package or our Giga, all of our customers are important, and that’s why we work to one uniform level of support.

We work with leading partners to offer the best in class managed service from our Professional Service Automations down to our Remote Management tools CJLS Tech are able to support your IT leaving you to manage your business.

What is Managed IT?

Managed IT services allow businesses to delegate their IT operations to an expert third-party organization that specializes in handling these responsibilities. These third-party organizations are known as managed service providers (MSPs),

MSPs are responsible for the entirety or portions of a business's IT systems, as agreed upon in a Service Level Agreement (SLA). IT equipment is typically procured by the client, and depending on the SLA, MSPs may provide round-the-clock monitoring, issue resolution and reporting, and more.

According to the SLA, MSPs charge a flat fee for the delivery of their services over a set period of time. The SLA defines exactly what services will be furnished and the degree they will be offered, as well as metrics for measuring the success of these services.

Through outsourcing, SMBs are able to reap the benefits of receiving IT support at a significantly reduced cost in comparison to creating a comparable team in-house. Additionally, MSPs can also offer a wealth of experience from actively managing multiple client accounts that in-house teams would not collectively have.

Additionally, by using an MSP organizations are able to forecast their monthly, quarterly, and yearly expenditure on IT, and are freed from having to focus on this area of operational readiness. This allows SMBs to focus on growing their business without worrying about day-to-day IT issues or requirements.

Another benefit is a greater opportunity for security expertise and successfully enacted security policies. MSPs work with security standards day in, day out, and should be able to steer your organization within the parameters and regulations it needs to adhere to. For some organizations, especially in finance, healthcare, educations, and other industries, this type of regulatory compliance is mandatory for the IT portion of their business and requires the expertise and experience that a managed service provider can offer. MSPs can mitigate risk in this way while assuring that the experts in charge of your IT operations are always up to date on the latest information, technologies and processes that will keep your infrastructure working efficiently and successfully into the future.

Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) is how we ensure that your systems and platforms are operating correctly, it's a policing and management IT system that allows us to control network devices such as servers and, desktop devices in the field including PDA's and all other networked mobile devices.

Network monitoring helps keep your business healthy by:

Avoiding expensive outages Addressing bottlenecks before they cause problems Reducing costs by buying only the hardware you need Stop wasting time firefighting and start building the future foundations of your business. You'll be less stressed and your colleagues will consider you a hero.

Keeping I.T. Simple

We recognise that making the decision to hand over part or all of your IT function to a third party is a significant one and a smooth transition is a key to the success of the ongoing partnership.

Following the steps below, we will transition all or part of your IT service from you or your current supplier to ourselves, smoothly, efficiently and on time.

From our initial discussions and agreement on a service contract, we will assign you an Account Manager and a Technical Consultant who will be your primary contact with CJLS Tech. Their knowledge of your contract and your business IT infrastructure will assist the Helpdesk in being able to fully support you moving forward.

The IT Audit

Your Technical Consultant will visit your site and carry out an IT Service Review (an ITSR) which will capture everything about your hardware and software in use.

Knowledge Transfer

From the ITSR, your Technical Consultant will then set up our Knowledge System and work with you to form an IT roadmap for the next 12 months and beyond.

Service Desk Handover

Following the agreed "service commencement date" we contractually take responsibility for the delivery of all in-scope services.

It all starts Here

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