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Managed Print Services

CJLS Tech can offer the leading services in Managed Print, Digital Displays and Optimised Visitor Management

Printers & Photocopiers

From personal A4 printers, A3 multi-functional photocopiers, right up to light production devices with extensive finishing options.
Office printing for everyone

From the home office to the small to medium-sized business, or larger enterprise, we are able to via our partner offer an extensive portfolio of printers and photocopiers suitable for all business environments. From entry-level machines for start-ups to fully networked and connected multi-function printers complete with finishing options, all our devices deliver seamless functionality for any customer requirement. So, whether you need black and white or colour printing, scanning and faxing, we’ve designed our vast range of multi-functional devices with you in mind.

Document & Printing Services

Our proactive Managed Print Service empowers customers to work efficiently and effortlessly.

We can offer, via our partner, a complete range of award-winning printers and photocopiers, advanced document workflow solutions and print security capabilities to deliver improved productivity and reliability. Having the right hardware is just one element you should look at to fully optimise your document management.

Our document and printing services ensure you have access to the expertise and tools you need to reduce your print and copy costs, empower employees, protect your valuable information and manage your printer fleet and supplies more efficiently.

Services include:

  • Managed Print Services
  • Printer and Photocopier Equipment Leasing
  • Document Management Services
  • Document and Print Security Services
  • Print Audit Services

Speak to us about your printing requirements today!

Audio Visual Services & Solutions

With a distinguished, proud history in audiovisual solutions, Our vendor manufactures some of the world’s most advanced flat-screen display technology.

Our AV services and solutions are designed to make learning and communication more meaningful in any environment. Our AV solutions are perfect for every private or public space, application and need.

We work with all types of organisations, from start-ups to corporates and large enterprises.

Benefit from Solutions such as:

  • Digital interactive displays that enhance learning in classrooms and lecture spaces
  • Meeting room and AV Furniture solutions that facilitate teamwork and decision-making in corporate spaces, offices and boardrooms
  • Vibrant digital signage for driving communication in the hospitality and retail sectors
  • AV consultation, installation and training

BIG PAD Interactive Whiteboard

Touchscreen solutions allow for effortless collaboration, communication and sharing.
Our easy-to-use BIG PAD interactive whiteboards are the ideal digital touchscreen solution for any business or education environment. They can help you make a great impression whilst improving communication and collaboration with your employees or students.

The BIG PAD’s highly responsive touch performance ensures that users are confident and can focus on their primary task, whether in the boardroom or classroom. The beautifully developed application tools ensure seamless integration with existing software and hardware.

Our ‘Pen-on-Paper’ technology ensures annotation is fast and accurate and Display Connect allows for wireless communication and collaboration with all mobile smart devices as well as remote locations.

Deliver highly engaging lessons or presentations Work together with up to 20 points of touch
Collaborate wirelessly from personal mobile devices
Communicate from anywhere with remote connectivity
Integrate seamlessly with existing software and hardware

Professional Digital Signage

Proven to be more impactful, achieving 400% more views than static signage.
Our high-resolution digital signage solutions deliver eye-catching messages to any environment where visual communication is essential. Our professional power-saving design allows for up to 24/7 operation. You can capture your audience’s attention with stunning 4K and 8K resolutions, whilst making the most of your space with portrait, landscape and tilted installation options.

Optimised Visitor Management

Ideal for lobby or reception areas, our Visitor Management system helps you make a great first impression and digitally transform.

Optimised Visitor Management is a smart, secure and easy-to-use platform for visitor, employee and contractor registration, letting you protect the people and places that power your organisation.

Key features of Optimised Visitor Management:

  • Visitor welcome and fast-track sign-in
  • Pre-registration that syncs with calendars
  • Photo capturing and badge printing
  • Fire register and evacuation
  • Visitor notifications and reporting
  • Contactless sign-in options AV